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Check List for WSU Tri-Cities Students

  • If you are in good standing with the university and wish to return next semester, you may register as a continuing student. If you do not return next semester and wish to register at a later date, you should contact WSU Tri-Cities Admissions Office for instructions to re-enter the university. E-mail us at or call 509-372-7250.
  • Graduate Students:  If you cancel enrollment during your first semester of graduate study, you will need to reapply to the graduate school before returning.
  • Any amount you owe to Washington State University must be paid in a timely manner to avoid being referred to a collection agency, which could result in additional fees and a negative entry on your credit record.
  • Cancelling enrollment may affect your health insurance. Contact your personal health insurance provider if you have questions.
____   Complete the On-line Cancellation of Enrollment Form.
____   Student Accounts. Review your account to ensure that you are aware of outstanding loans, parking fines, library or telephone charges, medical fees, etc. before you leave the campus. Transcripts will not be issued to you, another school, or a potential employer if you have an outstanding balance on your account.
____   Financial Aid. Cancellation of your enrollment may affect your financial aid status. The cancellation of aid may result in your owing money to WSU, or in the repayment of aid being required, if the aid cancelled exceeds the amount of WSU charges cancelled. Contact the WSU Tri-Cities Financial Aid Office at 509-372-7228 for complete details on how your cancellation may affect your current and future financial aid status.
____   Optional Student Medical Insurance. If you have purchased optional student medical insurance and wish to receive a partial or full refund please contact Health and Wellness Services, Washington Building (509-335-8216). (NOTE: If you call the WSU Tri-Cities Student Affairs Office at 509-372-7250 we will transfer you to the Pullman campus).
____   Graduate/Undecided Graduate Students: Please contact your major department or the Graduate School Representative by email at or by calling 509-372-7394.

Contact Information for WSU Tri-Cities

For more information on cancellation of enrollment for Tri-Cities students, contact:

Student Accounts
WSU Tri-Cities
2710 University Drive
Richland, WA 99352

Telephone: 509-372-7351 or 509-372-7136
Fax: 509-372-7100


Cancellation Form