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Pullman Graduate

Pullman Graduate Students

Information about Cancelling Enrollment

You are strongly encouraged to contact your advisor if you are having problems with your health, a family emergency, inadequate finances, or other unusual circumstances so that we may have an opportunity to be of assistance. Your education is important, and we would like the opportunity to help keep you on track.

Cancelling enrollment or reducing course load may affect the following:

  • Financial Aid - Cancelling your enrollment may affect your satisfactory academic progress and your ability to obtain financial aid in the future. Be sure to speak with a Financial Aid officer to learn how this will affect your financial aid status.
  • Athletic Eligibility – Contact the Athletic Department.
  • Personal Health Insurance – Contact your personal health insurance provider, or if you are on an assistantship, contact Benefit Services.
  • Graduate School Assistantships – Contact your department and the Graduate School.
  • Students who wish to cancel enrollment must fill out an online cancellation of enrollment form. You will need to know your network I.D. and password. If you experience technical problems or if you have questions about the cancellation process, contact the Graduate School at 509-335-1446 or send an email message to Jenny Saligumba-Graham. If you do not know your network I.D. and password, contact us so that we may discuss other arrangements for you to complete the form.
  • Enrollment may be cancelled at any time during the current semester, through the last day of instruction.
  • Cancelling enrollment during the first four weeks of the semester (or according to a prorated schedule for shorter academic terms) will result in a student’s transcript being marked “withdrew (date).” Individual courses will not be recorded.
  • Cancelling enrollment after the fourth week through the last day of instruction (end of the 15th week) will result in the transcript being marked “withdrew (date),” and a grade of “W” will be recorded for each course.
  • Students on academic probation during the semester in which they cancel enrollment must obtain permission from the Graduate School to re-enroll.