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FAQ Pass/Fail Option

Office of the Registrar

WSU's Emergency Grading Accommodation for Spring 2020 temporarily replaces Academic Regulation 50. It went into place March 27, 2020 and allows undergraduate students the option of requesting Pass/Fall Grading for Spring 2020 courses until June 1, 2020. The main information about this accommodation can be found on our Pass/Fail page. This page provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Repeatability Course Limits


Which P/F grades can be repeated?

PP or F - as they are equivalent to C-, D+, D, or F grades. P grades are not repeatable as they represent grades C and higher.

Can I self-enroll when I repeat a P/F course?

Yes, if you earned a PP or F grade AND this was your first time through the course. However, the grading basis will default to letter graded (A-F). If you wish to repeat the course with P/F grading, use the Enrollment Change Form to make the request. Your advisor's signature is required. If WSU has not returned to on-campus operations, watch for an alternate process.

Scenerio: Spring 2020 P/F course is repeated in Fall 2020. It has not been previously attempted.
  • Student earns PP grade in MATH 171 for Spring 2020. The student may self-enroll in MATH 171 for Fall 2020.
  • When the final grades for Fall 2020 post, the Spring 2020 MATH 171 course will be marked "omit-repeat". The Spring 2020 credits for MATH 171 will be omitted.

I'm repeating a course during Spring 2020. Can I change that course to P/F?

Yes. Once the final grade posts, the previous course will be omitted and the previous credits will no longer calculate into GPA and will be omitted.

Scenerio: Spring 2020 P/F course was a repeat of a Fall 2019 course
  • Student earned a C- grade in MATH 171 during Fall 2019. The student retakes the course during Spring 2020 and changes the grading to P/F.
  • When the final grades for Spring 2020 post, the Fall 2019 MATH 171 course will be marked "omit-repeat". The Fall 2019 credits will not longer calculate into the GPA and the credits will be omitted.

Pass/Fail Course Limits 

Is the 6 course P/F limit in place for Spring 2020 courses?

No. Courses taken P/F for Spring 2020 will not count towards the 6 course Pass/Fall limit described in Academic Regulation 50.

FAQ Pass/Fail Option
Office of the Registrar