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Registration Holds

Office of the Registrar

This page provides a list of telephone numbers that you can call to get help with holds. The phone numbers provided here are only for providing help about the registration holds placed by these offices. Please refer other questions to the department's primary number, when applicable.

Pullman Campus
Department Phone Number
Academic Deficiency (509) 335-6000
Counseling & Testing Services (509) 335-4511
Dean of Students (509) 335-5757
Denied Reinstatement (509) 335-6000
Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver Hold (509) 335-5346
Foreign Language Deficiency (509) 335-3536 or (509) 335-6000
Freshman Live-In Rule (509) 335-2612
Graduate Admissions (509) 335-3536 or (509) 335-1446
Cougar Health Services (509) 335-3575
Honors College (509) 335-4505
Housing & Dining (509) 335-8625 or (509) 335-1088
International Programs (509) 335-4508
Measles/CHS (509) 335-3575
Orientation Attendance Required (509) 335-4242
Registrar's Office (509) 335-5680
Financial Aid SAP Contract (509) 335-9711
Student Accounts (509) 335-9653
Student Affairs (509) 335-4531
Student Conduct (509) 335-4532
Student Loans (509) 335-9653
Undergraduate Admissions (509) 335-5586
Undergraduate Advising Hold (509) 335-6000
VP Student Affairs (509) 335-4532
Writing Portfolio (509) 335-7959
Spokane Campus
Department Phone Number
Undergraduate Academic Standing (academic deficiency and reinstatement) Call your faculty advisor.
Graduate Academic Standing (academic deficiency and reinstatement) (509) 335-1218
Admissions (undergraduate and graduate) (509) 358-7978
Advising (undergraduate) Call your faculty advisor.
Financial Aid (student loans) (509) 358-7534
Nursing (509) 324-7334
Registrar (509) 358-7530
Student Accounts (509) 358-7530
Student Affairs (509) 358-7526
Tri-Cities Campus
Department Phone Number
Academic Standing (academic deficiency/reinstatement) (509) 372-7358
Admissions (undergraduate and graduate) (509) 372-7250
Advising (undergraduate) Call your faculty advisor.
Financial Aid (509) 372-7228
Graduate School (academic deficiency) Call your faculty advisor.
Registrar (509) 372-7351
Student Accounts (509) 372-7498
Student Affairs (509) 372-7306
Writing Portfolio (509) 372-7306
Vancouver Campus
Department Phone Number
Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver (360) 546-9565 or (360) 546-9553
Financial Aid SAP contract (360) 546-9103
Graduate Admissions (509) 335-1446
Graduate Dean (509) 335-3537
International Programs (360) 546-9559
Measles (Vancouver students only) (360) 546-9565 or (360) 546-9553
Student Accounts (360) 546-9559
Student Conduct (360) 546-9573
Student Loans (360) 546-9559
Undergraduate Academic Deficiency Call your major department or the Student Resource Center (SRC) at (360) 546-9155
Undergraduate Admissions (360) 546-9779
Undergraduate Advising Call your advisor
Writing Portfolio Email Writing Assessments or call (360) 546-9260
WSU Online
Department Phone Number
All Departments and Holds (800) 222-4978 or (509) 335-3557

Freshman Live-In Rule: All single undergraduate freshmen under 20 years of age are required to live in organized living groups that are officially recognized by the University (residence halls, fraternities, sororities, and co-op houses) for one academic year. Running Start students are considered freshmen with college credits, not regularly enrolled students, and are subject to the live-in requirements. If you are unable to register due to a housing hold, you must apply for housing either in the residence halls, housing in the Greek chapters approved to house freshmen, or for a freshmen waiver. Learn more about applying for a waiver to the freshmen live-in requirement.

International Programs hold: The IN hold is meant to prevent international students from dropping below the required number of credits needed to maintain their legal immigration status. Recently academic advisors have been telling students that the IN hold will prevent them from registering for their classes so they send students to OISS to remove the hold. However, the hold applies to the current term, not registration for a future semester.

The IN becomes effective the 10th day of class in regular Fall/Spring semesters, or on the first day of class for summer session. So students with IN hold markers on their schedules can register for their classes until the days noted above or for a future semester without the hold interfering with their registration. There is no need to refer students to OISS before the designated days each academic term or when students are registering for a future semester. If you have any questions, please contact OISS at (509) 335-4508.

Registration Holds
Office of the Registrar