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Cancel Enrollment

Important: Cancelling your enrollment for the current term will remove all your WSU courses at all campuses. This will include all classes you may be taking concurrently on one or more WSU campuses and through WSU Online.

Are you at the right place?

A few questions will make sure you’re at the right place to do what you want to do:

  • If you have a housing contract, you will need to cancel that yourself at another website. Go to WSU Housing, click on myHousing Contract and click on the cancel button to cancel your housing contract.
  • NOT enrolled in classes?  If you are NOT enrolled in classes for the current semester, there is nothing you need to do here.
  • Enrolled in classes for a future term?  If you enrolled in classes for a future term that has not begun, and you have decided not to attend, you can drop all your classes yourself in the myWSU portal. Go to go to My Student Center, select Enroll, select the term, select the drop tab, and select the box next to each class. To complete your request click the Drop Selected Classes button, followed by the Finish Dropping button. 
  • Enrolled in classes for this term?  You’re at the right place.  Follow the steps below to cancel your enrollment. Cancelling your enrollment for the current term will remove all your WSU courses at all campuses. This will include all classes you may be taking concurrently on one or more WSU campuses and through WSU Online.

Alternatives to Cancelling Enrollment

If you are not certain about cancelling your entire semester for classes you are attending, here are some  alternatives you may wish to consider:

Incompletes - If the semester is close to completion and you believe  that a little extra time to complete your courses or to make up tests would be of help, consider  talking to one or more of your instructors about the possibility of receiving incompletes.

Dropping or Withdrawing from Individual Classes using myWSU - You may drop  courses without record up to the end of the 4th week of the semester in which the courses are offered.  After the 4th week, you can withdraw from individual courses through the end of the 13th week (limits do apply - see  Rule 68).  Withdrawals result in a  grade of “W” appearing on the transcript which does not affect the grade point average.  Important -  reducing your course load may affect financial aid, etc.  NOTE: Summer  Session deadlines are prorated and based on the length of the course.

Tuition Adjustment Policy

Students canceling their enrollment (sometimes referred to as "withdrawal from the university" may be entitled  to an adjustment of tuition based on the tuition adjustments schedule. The policy for tuition adjustments is available at the following link  - Tuition Adjustment Policy.  Note that the tuition adjustment policy may change as a result of revisions to governmental regulations.

Still want to cancel your enrollment?

To cancel enrollment for Fall 2019, please select the appropriate link below:

WSU Pullman Undergraduate Students
WSU Pullman Graduate Students
WSU Spokane Students
WSU Tri-Cities Students
WSU Vancouver Students
WSU Global Campus
WSU Everett Students

To cancel enrollment for Spring 2020 please click here