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Undergraduate & Professional Petitions 

Petitions for missed academic deadlines

If you miss an academic calendar deadline, you can petition for an exception if there were extraordinary circumstances that caused you to miss the deadline. You do not need a petition to drop, withdraw from an individual class, nor withdraw from the term unless you have missed the deadline or want a tuition adjustment.

Where are the deadlines listed?

Academic Calendar: Deadlines for current, future, and past full semesters.
Academic Calendar: Session Deadlines: Deadlines for classes offered in sessions.

Petition form by campus

Each campus processes their own petitions. There is a $10 non-refundable processing fee for filing a petition. Graduate School Petitions

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Pullman Campus Petition Information

If you have a question about petitions, use the Petition Questions button below or email us.

Drop/Withdraw - Know the deadlines to avoid a petition

The Petition Process

Acceptable Documentation

Cougar Health Services sent documentation - do I still need to Petition?

I did not attend WSU

Petitions & Academic Deficiency

Financial Aid SAP appeal


57. Student Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Calendar Deadlines and Withdrawal Limits

Students may, with the payment of a service fee, petition for exceptions to the academic calendar deadlines (e.g., withdrawal after the deadline) or petition for withdrawal from an individual course after the student has used the maximum number allowed. Petitions are considered only in the case of extraordinary circumstances, such as a medical emergency, and require supporting documentation.

  • Undergraduate and professional students may petition through the Registrar's Office. Graduate students may petition through the Graduate School.
  • Petitions for exceptions to the academic calendar deadlines and withdrawal limits must be made within two years of the date of enrollment in the course.


Academic Calendar Petitions
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