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Academic Calendar Petitions


Each campus processes their own petitions. Undergraduate and professional students, elect your campus below. Graduate students, use the Graduate school link further down.

Undergraduate and Professional Petitions

This form is your petition to request the University to make an exception to an academic deadline for you. Please read the instructions carefully. This form is NOT for course substitutions or waiving degree requirements. You will be billed a $10 non-refundable processing fee on your student account for filing the petition.

Pullman (Fall or Spring) | Pullman (Summer) | Global (Online) | Everett | Spokane | Tri-Cities | Vancouver 

Graduate Student Petitions

Graduate School

Pullman Campus FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the petition process take?
    • 6-8 weeks.
  • Who can I contact about the status of my petition?
  • How often does the Petition Committee meet?
    • Approximately every two weeks, usually Tuesday afternoon.
  • How will I be notified of the results?
    • An email will be sent to the address you listed on your petition request. If your address is international, a scanned copy of the letter will be emailed to you.
  • Is there a fee to file a petition?
    • Yes. You will be billed a $10 non-refundable processing fee on your student account after the petition is reviewed.
  • Does filing a petition with the Registrar’s Office cover the Financial Aid SAP appeal?
    • No. Financial Aid SAP appeals must be filed separately through the Student Financial Services Office.
  • If my petition is approved will that clear my academic deficiency so I do not have file for reinstatement?
    • It depends on how it changes your academic standing (ASCC determines academic standing and handles deficiency/dismissal). Applying for reinstatement under rule 38 may be faster than submitting a petition, as well as helping you succeed in the future. If you are dismissed under rule 39, the petition process may be your only option to continue at WSU without sitting out for a year.
    • Since the time between fall and spring semester is limited and the petition process takes 6-8 weeks, it is unlikely a petition for fall semester can be processed quickly enough to allow you to enroll in spring semester.
  • Do I have to have supporting documentation?
    • Yes. Petitions without supporting documentation are denied.
  • Can I send my petition and documentation separately?
    • Supporting documentation should be attached to your petition during submission. Documentation being sent directly must be indicated on the petition form and arrive within two weeks of submission.
  • Who is on the Petition Committee?
    • The Petition Committee is a mix of advisors and administrators.
  • I have had health issues and need to drop/withdraw from a class or two. Do I need to file a petition?
    • It depends - students may drop courses without record during the first thirty days during the fall and spring semester. If it is within the withdrawal deadline and a student has not exhausted his/her withdrawals,the student would withdraw on myWSU. If it is past the withdrawal deadline, the student may file a petition.
  • My doctor from Health and Wellness/Counseling and Testing Services sent the Registrar’s Office a memo recommending I withdraw from all of my classes. Do I need to file a petition?
    • It depends - students may withdraw from the current term during the first week of class to receive a full tuition adjustment. Student have until the last day of instruction to submit a term withdrawal online to avoid receiving final grades. A petition is only necessary after a term withdrawal is submitted if the student wishes to pursue tuition adjustment. Also, a petition is needed if the student missed the deadline to withdraw from the current term.
  • What does "Instructor Feedback" mean? What are you looking for?
    • It is the students responsibility to gather instructor feedback from the courses the student is wishing to drop/withdraw when submitting a petition. The form can be found at: Instructor Feedback Submission.