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Missed Academic Calendar Deadline Petitions: Pullman UGRD/PROF

Use this form if you are a Pullman Undergraduate & Professional (VetMed or Pharmacy) student and need to petition a missed academic deadline. Graduate students must use the Graduate School form. The Academic Calendar lists deadlines for the regular session. Deadlines for classes in a session are listed on the Academic Calendar: Sessions page. If you wish to withdraw from ALL classes for the current term, and none of your classes have ended, you do not need to petition. Do a Current Term Withdrawal in myWSU.

Important! Read first!

  • Allow 6-8 weeks to process your petition. The Petitions Committee meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays. 
  • Decisions will be emailed to the email address provided on the form.
  • A $10 non-refundable processing fee will be charged to your student account regardless of the outcome.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Petitions are considered ONLY in the case of extraordinary circumstances. Common examples include:

  • Serious illness,
  • Death in the immediate family,
  • Medical emergency,
  • University error that either affected your attendance, completion of classes, or precluded your ability to drop, withdraw, or submit a Current Term Withdrawal in myWSU by the deadline.

The explanation of your extenuating circumstances and the verifiable documents you provide are the primary basis the committee will use to approve or deny your request. Simply forgetting a deadline, receiving a low grade, or changing your major are not considered extraordinary circumstances

Limitations: 2 years

Academic Regulation 57: Student Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Calendar Deadlines and Withdrawal Limits

...Petitions for exceptions to the academic calendar deadlines and withdrawal limits must be made within two years of the date of enrollment in the course.

Submitting your petition

Answer all questions completely and include specific dates and names. Attach all supporting documentation to your petition at the time of submission. 

Documentation Instructions

All documentation must be attached upon submission of the petition. 

  • Letters and statements of support should be on official letterhead with appropriate signatures and include a review of the circumstances with specific dates and any recommendations.

Medical Documentation: A letter from your health care provider

Medical documentation is a letter from your health care provider as described below. Do not send medical charts, notes, or photographs. 

  • A letter from your health care provider(s) on clinic/agency letterhead that includes a description of the medical condition, the approximate date the condition began, treatment rendered, and how that condition affected your ability to function academically.
  • WSU Student Health and Wellness Services letter of support
  • WSU Counseling and Testing Services letter of support

Non-medical Documentation

  • Copies of prior correspondence (letters, e-mails, etc.)
  • Financial aid documents
  • Counseling or court records
  • Other proof of non-attendance or “extraordinary circumstances” (all letters/statements must be on official letterhead with appropriate signatures)

Academic Calendar Petition Form

Read the information above before proceeding to the form. You will be required to attest that you have read the information as you move forward.

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