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Deadlines - Drop & Withdrawal

Office of the Registrar

Drop & Withdrawal Deadlines by Session

To find the drop and withdrawal deadline for your class match the Start-End date displayed on this page with the start and end of your class.


  • Use the drop down below to select the Semester
  • Select your Class Standing - Undergraduate or Graduate, then choose Go.
  • Use the Start-End dates for your class to find your deadline.

The regular semester for Summer, Fall, or Spring is Session 1. The start-end dates for some courses may include dates on the weekend.

Note: After classes start, students cannot drop the last class in which they are enrolled.  (See Academic Regulation 70.) Students wishing to drop their last class must submit complete a Term Withdrawal.

Deadlines Chart by Session

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Deadlines - Drop & Withdrawal
Office of the Registrar