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Undergraduate Academic Program, Plan, Subplan, Certificate Action Form


If you have previously read these instructions, you can go straight to the form. Students: This form must be submitted by the department. Please contact your advisor. Current processing timeline for Pullman is 5-7 business days.


Add, drop, or change any academic:

  • Degree = program
  • Additional Major = plan
  • Minor = plan
  • Option = subplan
  • Undergraduate or Professional Certificate (This is a non-degree program)

When to use this form

  • Change, Add, or Drop degree (Program)
  • Change major (for degrees with various majors i.e. Business, Com, Music, etc.) (Plan)
  • Change, Add, or Drop additional major (Plan)
  • Change, Add, or Drop minor (Plan)
  • Change, Add, or Drop undergraduate or professional certificate
  • If a student’s first degree hasn’t been conferred and the student intends to enter into a post-baccalaureate program.
    • After the first-degree program has been conferred, Graduations will review the second-degree program and change it to a post-baccalaureate.

When to contact ASCC

Pullman campus only

ASCC admits students to their first degree (Program) when requested by department. When a student is re-admitted, they are re-matriculated into an academic interest and not admitted to the major, therefore ASCC processes the re-admit to major.

Request the following changes to the student's first program/degree through ASCC:

  • Admit to the major/release from the major; add and/or drop academic interests; add or change subplan (Option)
  • Any add or change of SUBPLAN (Option) to any major, including additional majors
  • Contact: | 509-335-6000.

Other campuses

For other campuses, contact the campus Registrar's Office.

Post-Baccalaureate Students

  • Use the Admit to Major for Post-Bacc Student form for students who have earned a degree.
  • For students who are still in progress and have not received a degree, proceed below to the form.

Other Important Information

  • The program and plan are updated using the current year and term, which controls the academic requirements for graduation.
    • If a year and term other than the current year and term is necessary, per Academic Rule 111, please provide information in the “other notes” field at the bottom of the form.
  • At the time of degree clearing, if a student requests a minor to be dropped, the Graduations area will remove the minor to allow the degree to be awarded.
    • If a student requests a minor after the degree has been conferred, Graduations needs to check student’s requirements.
  • All supplemental areas must be a part of the student's program/plan record to be awarded at the time of degree conferral.
  • Students must be certified in all the academic programs/plans that they will be awarded at the time the degree conferral.

Academic Programs, Plans, Subplans, & Certificates Action Form

Student Program Plan Action Form
Office of the Registrar