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Special Enrollment Request (SER)

SER Form Availability

  • Opens for term: First day of Registration at 9am.
  • Closes for term: 4th day of Instruction at 5pm.
Fall 2024 Spring 2025
Opens: 4/8/24 9am
Closes: 8/22/24 5pm
Opens: 11/4/24 9am
Closes: 11/7/24 5pm

What is special enrollment?

If approved, it allows an eligible undergraduate student to enroll in a course that is not offered on the student's Home Campus, but is offered on another campus (Host Campus). If approved, a videoconference or blended section may be created on the student's Home Campus that is linked to the course on the Host Campus. Global students may be directly enrolled in the host section.

Criteria for special enrollment

Undergraduate students must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible for special enrollment.

  • Senior who needs the course to graduate this term.
  • Course is required for the student's major, but is not offered this term.
  • Course is a pre-requisite and is not offered on the student's home campus this term.
  • Access Center accommodation


  • Maximum of two (2) courses per semester not to exceed six (6) credits per semester.
  • Student must meet the criteria listed above.
  • Undergraduate students ONLY.
  • Graduate Students: Contact the Graduate School for more information on their process.

How does a student request a special enrollment?

The student must contact their Academic Advisor for assistance and the link to the SER form. If an Advisor needs to know the link, the Advisor may email SER Processing. The form is not available until the first day of registration and closes the 4th day of instruction for the term.

Allow several weeks for processing

Do not submit duplicate requests! Duplicates will significantly delay processing. Allow at least 2-4 weeks for processing; contact your advisor if you have a question about the process. Some requests will not be processed until one to two weeks prior to the start of the term.

Notifications will come to your WSU email and are sent via Smartsheet. If you received a confirmation email, then your application was successfully submitted. Check your spam folder if you did not receive a confirmation email.

SER Process

Allow at least 2 - 4 weeks for processing. SERs must be approved and are not guaranteed.

  1. Student requests special enrollment from their Academic Advisor for a course offered on another campus.
  2. Academic Advisor establishes that the student is eligible based on criteria above and provides the student with the URL to the SER form. 
  3. Student completes the SER form. The student will receive an email verification and progress reports as each approval is received.
  4. Academic Advisor approves request via a Smartsheet update request.
  5. Home Campus reviews request, verifies that there is a need, and approves the request. The Access Center approves accommodation requests for Pullman/Global students.
  6. Host Campus reviews the request and either approves it or routes it to a designated campus approver. For example on the Pullman Campus, the request is sent to the department for approval.
  7. The Home Campus Scheduler creates a new course section on the Home Campus.
    1. The Pullman Campus Scheduler will send requests to create a new course section to the department for processing. The department can opt to have the Office of the Registrar establish the new course section.
    2. The Campus Scheduler will activate the new course section.
    3. An enrollment plan is determined. Enrollment may be completed by the Home Campus Registrar’s Office, the student, or as designated by the Home Campus
  8. Student and Advisor receive notice of the new section number(s) and enrollment plan.
  9. Host and Home campuses receive notice that the process is complete.



  • Home Campus: The campus where the student is enrolled. Receiving campus for VC sections.
  • Host Campus: The campus hosting the class that the student wishes to take. Originating campus for VC sections.
  • Blended section: A class section that is offered on multiple campuses and hosted by the Global campus. This is a 100% online section and is not offered at a specific time/day.
  • Videoconference (VC) section: A videoconference section offered at more than one campus. The class is delivered at a specific day/time.
  • Videoconference (VC): An instruction mode used to describe courses offered via Zoom or other technologies at a specific day/time. The host campus traditionally delivers the section live in a classroom. The home campus receives the class either in a classroom or on the student's personal device. The section on the host campus is coded based on the instruction experience, whether 100% in person or otherwise. The home campus is always coded as VC. The student may refer to the Class Notes to determine how the course will be received.


Special Enrollment
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